Wednesday, August 3, 2011

12 Headlines I’ve Written This Week

In the course of small talk, people often ask what I do for a living. When I explain my idea about being a freelance writer, the inevitable question that follows is, what do you write? Some day, I want to write nothing but useful, meaningful articles that pay really well…some day. In the meantime, I’ve got to work my way up from the lowest level of freelance writers. When you are at this level of freelance writing, you will have jobs where you have to write about the oddest topics.
As a result, you learn how to sell anything. I draw the line at writing adult content, mainly because I have enough trouble with malware as is, but I when I say I’ve written on just about everything else, I’m serious. Love spells, cabinet hardware, mattresses, slot machines, Vancouver, and the list goes on.  

If you think I’m kidding just take a look at the titles that I have come up with this week alone.

·         Carp Fishing Holidays in France
·         Fishing Holidays in France
·         Flameless Candles and Cost Effectiveness
·         How to Use Flameless Candles in Your Home
·         Fishing in France
·         Fishing in France for Carp
·         Some Common Myths Concerning Scalp Psoriasis
·         A Psoriasis Diet: What to Eat to Help With Psoriasis
·         How to Buy a Used Commercial Box Truck
·         How to Control an Overactive Bladder
·         How to Identify Neck Pain Causes
·         How to Do the Best Exercises for Belly Fat

Previously, I didn’t even know that people might be remotely interested in fishing for carp in France, and I now know more about overactive bladders than I ever wanted to know. Nonetheless, I’m hoping for more strange topics to round out the week as the SEO articles are my bread and butter.