Need a Writer?

I blog about freelance writing, and my freelance writing company is called Keyboard Hopper. It's a play on my last name, which is Hopper. I've been freelancing since 2010, and I worked as a full time freelancer during the summer of 2010. I found a "real" job in August at a local vet's office. When it turned out that it just wasn't going to work out, I quit and returned to freelancing in June of 2011.

The services I proved include:

- blog posts
- SEO articles/white papers
- website text
- marketing emails/letters
- product reviews
- press releases 
- mission statements

- website text
- personal documents
- professional documents

- data entry
- minor translations (Spanish)
- transcriptions

If you are interested in discussing a job please feel free to send me an email at caitlinhopper17(at)gmail(dot)com or contact me on Skype at caitlind17.

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