Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Weird Job of the Week

The other week, I mentioned some of the stranger topics that I had to cover. Last week, I had even more articles—close to 50—and one really odd little job. I started this job the weekend before last when things were still pretty slow. I wouldn’t have taken it except that it was offered by one of my current clients. She promised to have more articles in a few weeks, and offered this other job as something to do in the meantime.
What this job entailed was answering 500 user generated questions. These questions were supposed to be about animals, which was mostly the case. I’m not exactly sure where these answers ended up, but I think it might have been for 

I didn’t really get a chance to work on it until this past weekend, and I spent hours on Saturday and Sunday scrambling to get these answers completed. Fortunately, I was actually given 601 questions and was told to answer at least 500. I weeded out 101 indecipherable, off topic, x-rated, and stupid questions, and I still had to answer a number of "interesting" questions.

What follows is a list of questions that I did answer and questions that I decided not to answer. Nearly all of them could have been answered with “yes” or “no” followed by “idiot.” However, I restrained myself and answered them according to the proper format or decided not to bother.

I have not changed any of the spelling or formatting on these questions.

Answered Questions
  • why is my cat fat?
  • can you breed the father dog with the daughter dog
  • Why would my cat attack my bunny
  • what is a good name for a fish
  • can goldfish go insane
  • do dogs breathe fast
  • Can a pig enpregnate a dog
  • Why does kitten smell bad?*
  • is it bad for a dog to play with a slinky 
* I think this was my favorite question overall.

Unanswered Questions
  • Why do dogs kick the
  • do lights make dogs stupid
  • What are CAATS
  • What percent of residents in Brooklyn, MD are incerated
  • where is my dog
  • how do i subtract epinephrine from nasal spay
  • what are functions of in frogs
  • where can i found the plutonium element

I did decide to leave the x-rated questions out, but those were fun to avoid as well. The best part is that I haven’t been paid yet (I turned in the project on Monday), but I have gotten a message asking if I’m ready for more.

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