Monday, July 4, 2011

The Idea

As some of you know, I recently quit my job at a local vet clinic. I didn’t want to leave the job, but the situation there had become untenable. Making the best decision that I could, I left. Now, I’m back to looking for a job in a small town that has positions that are either far below my skill level or far above. For example, no thanks, I don’t want to work at McDonalds, and, unfortunately, I’m not exactly qualified to be a professor of psychology. This is the position I was in a little over a year ago. For three months after graduation, I looked for a job here in town until I stumbled across the clinic.

What I did in the meantime, in a meager attempt to make ends meet, was to freelance as a writer and proofreader. I worked through one of the many, many freelancing sites. It’s called oDesk, and it’s basically a large job board where anyone with an account can post a job description. There are hourly jobs and fixed price jobs posted by people all around the world. The writing and translation jobs are just a small fraction of the hundreds of jobs that get posted every day. Sadly, and I’ll go into more detail about this later, writing articles is not a very lucrative endeavor. Nonetheless, I tried to see if I could make enough money to get by. At the end of my three months, I had come to conclusion that I couldn’t.

So, here I am again, trying once again to see if I can make a living doing this, or at least pay my bills. I’m giving myself a bit more time this go round since we’re likely leaving this town next year when our lease runs out. Though I need the money, I’m not searching for some great career here. This isn’t to say that I won’t take a part time job or anything else that turns up really, but this is my experiment for the time being. Wish me luck.

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