Monday, November 14, 2011

Four Months as a Fulltime Freelance Writer

Well, I did get a bit behind didn't I? The four month mark was actually somewhere around Halloween, but my participation in NaNoWriMo has completely thrown off my blogging schedule. Right now, all my extra writing efforts are going into my 1667 words a day. I'm now up to 24,300 or so.

This is how quickly I go through keyboards...
Generally, the freelancing has been going well. I picked up an hourly database entry job, which certainly isn't the most scintillating thing I've ever done, but the employers are cool, and it pays well. Oddly enough, I mentioned last month that I would have to have a conversation with Mr. Digital Photo Frame about raising my rates, and a few days later, he basically laid me off because his client cut back his pay. It actually worked out fairly well for me. Now, I just do the odd job for him instead of 25 weekly articles on digital photo frames.

Work at the Farmer's Market has picked up because one of my co-workers is out for a while she recovers from surgery. I'm actually up to 27 hours this week, which is a bit more than I want, but I think it'll go down again next week.

In all, I have just the right amount of work. I was about $5 short of my freelance income goal last month, so maybe this month will the be the one. Now, I should get back to writing about web designers so that I can work on the database before the end of the day.


  1. 25 weekly articles on databases? What in the world. How long were these articles? After the first week you had to be a pro in databases

  2. 25 weekly articles on digital photo frames. I do consider myself an expert now, but I ran out of original ideas after the first 50 articles or so. They were all at least 500 words. I'm glad that he has moved on, so I can too!

  3. Do you have a blog about the steps to take to get into freelance writing? If not, do you mind telling me some ways? Like, is there an association of writers that you would recommend? THank you.

  4. Jami, some of my earlier blog posts deal with working as a freelance writer, but you would be better off emailing me at caitlinhopper17(at)gmail(dot)com. I would be happy to tell you how I got started and answer any questions that I can!

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