Thursday, July 28, 2011

One Month as a Freelance Writer

Yesterday marked the one month anniversary of my freelance writing experiment. Having reached that goal, I thought I would take some time to reflect on the past month.

This graph shows the number of articles that I have written over the past month broken down by day. It’s fairly easy to spot the weekends, since I usually don’t write on Saturdays or Sundays, though I did the first weekend of the month. The total number of articles that I wrote equals 94, which isn’t a bad start I think. The average number of articles written per day was 3.25, which is a number that I would like to increase. I hope that by next month I will have an average of 5 or better.  

In terms of money, I did not make my goal, which is about $50 more than I need to make to pay bills and pay for other routine expenses like groceries and gas. In fact, I didn’t even make half of that goal, but I’m still optimistic. The average price per article increased over the course of the month, and I now have three (and I’m interviewing with a fourth) clients who pay an average of a $1 per 100 words, which is quite a bit better than $0.30 per 100 words. I even got one contract where they paid $10 per 400 word article. Sadly, they only needed ten of them. Still, I made as much in week 4 as I did in the previous three weeks combined. If the trend continues, I could possibly hit my goal by the end of month two or three.

Nonetheless, the benefits far outweigh the meager salary. I enjoy making my own schedule, and I really enjoy having the time to do things like clean my house (yes, I know that sounds terribly exciting). Overall, I’m looking forward to next month and the months that will follow.

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  1. Good for you! Being Self Employed is scary, sometimes boring, often challenging but, in spite of those things, the most rewarding career I've ever had! Good Luck and keep it up!